Editing Global Website Settings

The Settings section of your website is the location where many of the global (or not per-page or per-section) settings may be edited. These types of settings or content include the site name, tagline, and information to appear throughout the site in the header or footer. This area is only available to some clients, depending on your website. If you do have access, the options available within the top right tab menu may vary from what you see here.





The Main settings area is where the option to change the website title, tagline, and where an image logo can be added or changed.



The Access tab is where the permissions to view the website and CMS may be changed. If you have access to the site settings, this is a tab that you will likely see but an area to which you should make no changes.



 The Header tab of the Settings provides fields to add the following to your website header:

  • Default site header: If your website has multiple pages that use an image within the header, you can change the default image (so that one always appears in each page, even if one is not specified for a particular page) in this area.
  • Optional title to appear with site name in search results: Once indexed by search engines, the search results will default to your website name. This is where you can add an alternate name (for example, if your site name is "Dr. John Doe," you might prefer it read ""Dr. John Doe, Respiratory Therapist and Yoga Instructor")...
  • Add Website Description - alternative to page Meta Descriptions: See here for the explanation of what a website description is and how to write one.
  • Add Keyword Meta, separated by a comma: For an explanation for using website keywords, see this link.
  • Add analytics code (etc): Google Analytics is a popular (and often complicated) tool available from Google to track and analyze your website traffic. When entering the analytics code (or any other additional script) here, you must include the <script></script> portion of the code.



The options in the footer are not usually critical for most, but I have added them as options because someone has asked for it to be added, at some point.

  • If you need to add some text to your footer, do it here.
  • Optional: Beginning year to show in copyright section.
  • Add privacy policy to display in modal from footer.



The features in this section can actually be repurposed for anyone who needs to add content that should appear in the header or footer (wherever the social links appear) -- whether it is a link to an external site or content that needs to open within a modal (a.k.a. "graceful popup"). This may require some design tweaking from me, since it is specifically designed for my clients who are physicians. The options to add medical (external link with popup/modal) options are as follows:

  • Link to Patient Portal: This is the external link that will open in a new window. If nothing appears in the content section for the modal (see below), it will just appear as a link.
  • Optional title for portal link: The default setting here is to show a default icon or to show the words "Patient Portal" as the link text.
  • Optional Icon for portal link: In most cases, there is a default icon in place. You can replace this with your own.
  • Include content [here] if portal link is to be displayed in modal: If you want the link to appear in a popup/modal prior to being displayed, this will give you that option. For instance, there may be times when you need to issue disclaimers or instructions for using a link...

Note that these fields are repeated for a scheduling link. Again, this can be repurposed.