Adding or Changing Icons

In some cases (depending on your layout), there is an option to add a "File Icon" or a special icon to enhance the layout or to aide in the visitor's understanding of the content being displayed in a certain area. Since there is usually a default icon in place, this section may be left blank. However, if you want to change the icon appears, you can add a different icon based on the availability of the icon font in your website build.

Icon Options

Font Awesome Icons: Font Awesome offers a variety of images to help illustrate a message/statement or to offer some balance to text-only content.

If your website was built or updated in or since the beginning of 2018, you will most likely be using version 4(x) of Font Awesome. If so, You can search the list of Font Awesome icons here. Select the icon that most suits your need. Then, copy the “fas fa-[whatever]” code from the desired icon and paste it into the icon field in the CMS.