Adding Social Media Links

In this section, you can add links to any of the social media or third party/additional websites you want to share with your website visitors. These links may appear within the header, footer, and contact section of your website and will use the icons or text you enter as the "button" for the link to a new web page.

Add New Socal Media linkTo enter or edit a social media link:

  1. Select the Social link from within the CMS menu. This will open any existing links within the editable area of the CMS and offer the option to "Add Social Link".
  2. To edit an existing link, select the link that displays in the list. Modify whatever information is necessary and then select "Save" to save changes in the back-end or "Save & Publish" to publish the changes.
  3. To add a new link, select the "Add Social Link" button.
    • Link Title - ("Facebook," "Instagram," etc). When an icon is available, this will appear as hover/descriptive text for the link (for accessibility purposes). If no icon is available, this will serve as the button text for the link.
    • Link - Enter the link as an absolute URL (e.g. "")
    • Icon - The icon is optional and will display when no link title is available. See more instructions for entering icons here.
    After adding the content, select the "create" button at the bottom of the page. This will then give you the option to "publish" the link. NOTE that all links must be published before they will be visible on the public website.
  4. To delete an existing link, select the link from the list to open it.  Once it is open, select the three dots next to the "Saved" and "Published" buttons at the bottom and either select "unpublish" to just hide the link from public view or "unpublish and archive" to remove the link.