I have been managing web projects since 2002, either through various companies or directly building sites for businesses or individuals. This is just a small glimpse of some of my current web clients.

Several of my web clients take advantage of the content management system I have created for them to update their own images and content, and some rely on my skills to write and update content for them. So, what you see below is a sampling of both.

Dr Kara Wallace

With strict HIPAA regulations and constantly changing forms and information requirements, having a website backed with a flexible content management system was a must for this office of healthcare professionals. Using Silverstripe and a clean, responsive layout, the site offers proactive patient information and connects with the group's electronic medical records service to ensure patients can always feel connected-- without compromising their privacy.


Anyone in North Alabama who has been alive since at least the 90's has either seen or heard Sara McDaris' work, whether on television, on the radio, or as a symphonic translation of her dynamic stories for children and adults, alike. Finally, after decades of consistent contributions to the Huntsville area as a storyteller and author, information on Sara's various works has been compiled in one place: her website.


Huntsville author and retired psychiatrist, Bill Goodson, has created an enthralling collection historical fiction tales. Fans and friends alike can learn more about Goodson from his website.

Mandeville Physical Therapy & Wellness, Inc.

Matt Mandeville and his team at Mandeville Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. needed a simple website that displayed their patient forms and information in one, easy-to-find location. They also wanted it to be easier to edit than their previous website.